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Learn English with Ricky Gervais


Here is an educational video for those who learn English, as well as for those who don't. I not promising that you will learn a lot, but you will have some fun for sure. The video is called "Learn English with Ricky Gervais - Pilot Episode."

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Welcome to New York!


I caught this creature in my apartment. This is the biggest cockroach I have ever seen in my life. At first I was shocked by its size that, by the way, is four centimeters long. Someone keeps a rat as a pet. I have a cockroach! It adores apples and nuts. Kidding, it must go...

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Verbs Followed by a Gerund

After what verbs do we always have to use Gerund?

finish, keep (on), go on, give up, enjoy

After these verbs we always use Gerund. For example, I gave up smoking.

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Self-assessment. Part 1.

My self-assessment for English 12, 24 portfolio. Part 1.
English 12 was not an easy class for me. It was a real struggle to improve many aspects of the language understanding since English is my second language that I have been studying just for ten months. Before starting college, I realized that in such categories as listening, advanced grammar, and composing of a well organized essay I could not demonstrate a strong competency. Also, I needed to work on reading comprehension and broadening my vocabulary. Measuring my knowledge at that time, I have to admit that I was not prepared for college properly and assessed my English level as low. For the whole semester, I faced many challenges and I was regularly confused because of my incomprehension.

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Self-assessment. Part 2.

My self-assessment for English 12, 24 portfolio. Part 2.
In the first draft of my second essay “How Do Children Learn to Be Gendered?” I again composed too long paragraphs with several ideas complicating the process of the perceiving of the text. However, by the third draft, I made significant changes in order to make my writing meaningful and interesting for my reader. During this semester, before the first assignment students were instructed on essay structure. Following those directions, it was not a problem for me to develop the ideas of my essays or to find the supporting points to them. On the whole, I did not meet difficulties in such category as the organization of my response. Finally, during the tutoring sessions I was instructed about such points as a profit of the brainstorm and planning of the essay`s goal that really helped me.

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Self-assessment. Part 3.

My self-assessment for English 12, 24 portfolio. Part 1.
In addition, I am sure that I greatly enriched my vocabulary, thanks to my professor who sometimes provided students with not easy articles for reading and which needed a deep analysis. I faced many difficulties while reading them because I looked through the pages and found out that there were a great number of words which I saw for the first time. By reading regularly and in large volumes, I not only improved my reading skills, but also I broadened my mental outlook. Thus, I had to study new themes and do research in new fields in order to be able to give my critical response.

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As my grades for English 12 and English 24 are pretty good, (A+) I would like to help other students pass these courses better. So, I decided to publish all my complete essays, assignments, and research papers in MLA format that I wrote for English 12 and English 24 that can serve for you as an inspiration and as examples. I ask you to forgive me in advance for too long writings, however they contain many ideas which you can develop further, make changes, paraphrase, or do whatever you want with it.

Right now, I publish my Self-Assessment that is the most important part of one's portfolio in my college. I hope it could be a great help for you. If you like my work and if it helped you please click LIKE either on the sidebar or on my Facebook page. Thanks.
The used books were “What`s language got to do with it?” by Keith Walters and Michal Brody, “After the Fact: The Art of Historical Detection” by J. W. Davidson, and “An Anthropologist on Mars” by O. Sacks.

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English 24 at Kingsborough College

I registered for English 24 and started my second semester at college. Fortunately, my professor remained the same as during the first term and I am accustomed to her rate of speech and know all her requirements. She already hanged out a similar list of assignments. To my surprise, I discovered that I understand her more clearly, as well as my classmates. I couldn`t say that before and it could be assessed as a small breakthrough on the pace to my success.

Also, today I fought my fear and volunteered to read in the classroom aloud. It was for the first time that I opened my mouth in front of all my classmates. So, I can be proud of myself. It was so exciting! However, while reading the text I felt the nervous trembling of my knees. By the way, I became a resident of New York City and as a result my college tuition reduced in half.

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English 12 at Kingsborough College


English 12 was a real struggle for me. I can conclude that it was an interesting course. I had to write assignments like “If I am to wake up the opposite sex.” and speculate about the sex minorities and special ads for lesbians and gays. I worked very hard and greatly improved my writing. In general, I would describe this course mainly as a usual writing course. However, a research paper written in MLA format was new for me.

Required text was “What's Language Got to Do with It?” by Keith Walters and Michal Brody. Additionally, for the research paper I used some articles form magazines.

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One Year of my Blog!


This month marks the end of the first year I've been writing about my progress in learning English. I hope the new year brings me more readers and bigger progress in learning English.

Thanks to all my readers and I'm waiting for presents in form of Facebook "Likes" and "Tweets". Also, you can mention my blog in your blog or on your favorite language learning forum.

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Learn English Starting with the Alphabet


It would be interesting to know for beginners about the website called Language Guide (www.languageguide.org). It is a perfect start for learning English and many other languages because there is a big selection of languages to study staring with alphabet and letters' pronunciation. This website will help significantly speed up memorizing of new words with the help of pictures. Also, in my opinion, it is easy to study with this website even to those who are over 50 years old because it starts to teach starting with common words referring to food, household, animals, and human body that can be used in everyday life.

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English Listening Lesson Library Online


At first glance ELLLO (www.elllo.org), which stands for English Listening Lesson Library Online, doesn't seem to be very educational, but later I was surprised how greatly it can improve English listening. by the way their slogan is "Learn English Naturally!" In section "Views" many really interesting dialogs can be found and you can read the text while listening to them. I like section "Games" the best of all because each topic is organized in form of a game where you are offered to listen to a story and then you have to choose one of the pictures on the screen that was described by the author.

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U.S.A. Learns

U.S.A. Learns (www.usalearns.org) is a free web-based multimedia system that contains good materials for those who learning English as a second language.

I would like to describe a bit the complicated navigation of this website. After you register in order to it would be easier for you to find the next time the place you where you've stopped, there will appear three buttons on the screen with English levels. Each of them offers different topics that cover many aspects of human life such as school, work, and family. Units and options that they provide can check one`s spelling and pronunciation, comprehension and listening leverls that are very important for learners in the beginning.

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Free Audio Books

In addition to my post about audio books, I decided to gather a short list of resources where everyone can download audio books for free.

1. www.booksshouldbefree.com
2. freeclassicaudiobooks.com
3. www.learnoutloud.com
4. www.audiobooksforfree.com

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Learn English with English Audio Books


As I mentioned in the previous posts, I started listening to the stories in English about the different people`s lives in order to improve my listening. At first, I uploaded in my iPod very short audio stories that were about one or two minutes long and I quickly became bored of the constant themes` repetitions and speakers` switching when the new stories start.

Then, I was told that there are complete and free audio books. My first reaction was a doubt because I knew that it was still difficult for me to listen to long passages. However, at that moment I suddenly realized that not so long ago I had read several fascinating stories by Somerset Maugham in Russian and it would be a great idea to try listening to them in English. So, as I knew the ideas of those stories, it would be easier for me to understand these stories by listening. I have been listening to Maugham`s masterpieces for one week every day while walking to college. I like these subtle stories and in my opinion, it is a very useful way to improve my listening. Also, I started listening to the texts not only after the reading them in advance, but also I try to listen to unfamiliar books and it is very difficult for me to perceive them. There are many websites on the Internet with lots of different books of many genres. You can use these sites to down load books for free according to your choice.

The more you listen the sooner you will percept English speech. The only way to study something is to do it. So if you want to develop listening, you have to listen to in English as much as possible.

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