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Learn by Listening Short Stories in English


I would like to share with you the information about one more useful web site which is on my current list of tools that can help to develop and perfect listening and perception of English speech. This web site is called StoryCorps (storycorps.org). It is very easy to navigate and find the useful tasks (just press listen to stories category) - this web site is very convenient and simply organized. Here you are offered to listen to many different short stories in English about everyday life or accomplishments of regular people. Usually, they tell about themselves and you listen to it like a life story, but often listening is organized in the form of dialogs between people, for instance: taking the interview or discussion of the problem. In these stories the speakers use the simple language that is why using this web site for improving English can be useful for the people with not a huge vocabulary.

I like this web site because, first, these stories seem to me very interesting and I get a great pleasure from listening to them. Second, the used speed of the speech is normal (not retarded, like in most of the teaching programs), so I need to listen to the stories at least twice. I think it is very important to understand the big blocks of text at the regular speed to keep up not only with main ideas, but also to percept more details of the topic. Finally, those are not prepared in advance topics and stories. You can hear a real conversation in English, like you hear it in the street and at college. In my opinion, everyone could greatly improve understanding by listening to these short stories at least one hour three times a week.

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